Reversing Audi driver goes viral

Backward Driving Car Goes Viral

As a general rule, most normal people drive their cars forwards. However there's always someone that likes to break the mould. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the above video is from America and shows a person reversing down a relatively busy Laurel Canyon in LA in an Audi A5 for four minutes in broad daylight.

This is obviously extremely dangerous for more reasons than can be listed here, but it's worth mentioning that reversing at that speed around such a twisting road with traffic close by requires some level of skill. There are a few instances though where he comes very close to crossing the lines into opposing lanes of traffic.

Other road users were obviously bewildered, and the people who were recording engaged in a few risky manoeuvres themselves to keep up and get the footage.

Worse still, we doubt the engine liked being starved of cooling air during the lengthy backwards run.

As is the way with such things these days, the Audi driver's stunt has earned him more attention than he might have bargained for, as since the video went viral, LA police are now attempting to determine his identity with a possible prosecution for dangerous driving in mind.

Author: James Fallon