Nissan owner catches joy-riding mechanic red-handed

Drive-thru 350Z

When Nissan 350Z owner and fast-food worker Randy Jones dropped his car off for a service at Raceway Nissan in Riverside, California, he did not expect to see two mechanics in his car at the Taco Bell drive-thru he manages just four hours later.

One of Mr. Jones' employees at the US fast-food chain spotted the car in the drive-thru and pointed it out to the manager. However, he initially believed it was just a similar car before identifying the Raceway Nissan badges on their uniforms and realising the pair had taken his car out for a joyride.

The Nissan employees had driven around two miles off the official route used for testing diagnostics, going against strict company policies and resulting in them both being fired.

Mr Jones received an offer of 20 per cent off any services and the diagnostics test for free. A further offer of $3,000 (£1,932) worth of parts and labour was offered but this did little to appease him. He describes the Nissan employee's actions as vandalism, telling KTLA News: "I don't know what those gentlemen could have done in my car."

Author: James Fallon