Couple escape car as it is engulfed in flames

Car fire

A couple narrowly escaped with their lives after their car burst into flames moments after a warning light started flashing.

David Lewis, 48, and Melanie Keeling, 50, were enjoying a day out in Stroud, Gloucestershire on July 4, when the dashboard of their Renault Scenic people carrier lit up.

Seconds after pulling over in a nearby car park, the car began emitting plumes of thick smoke from under the bonnet, prompting the occupants to make a hasty exit.

They escaped just in the nick of time, as the Renault's engine then blew up, showering the area with debris, before consuming the vehicle, as well as two adjacent parked cars, with fire.

A number of other nearby cars were also damaged in the inferno, which was brought under control after nearly six hours.

Melanie told The Mirror: "It all happened so, so quickly.

"The light flashed up so we went into the nearest car park and luckily there was one space.


"We got out and I called the RAC. I was on the phone to them when I saw thick black smoke and the next thing I knew there were huge flames.

"If we were in that car for another 30 seconds we would have gone up in flames with it."

The couple's car had been bought from a private dealer just three months before the fire, and was sold with a full service. It is thought an electrical fault was to blame.

A Renault spokesperson told The Mirror: "To date, Renault UK has not had any contact from either the customer or the insurance company regarding this incident with a 2004 Renault Scenic.

"Without having seen the car and without an understanding of the vehicle's condition and service history, we cannot say what may have caused this incident and therefore we cannot comment any further."