Honda sets new fuel efficiency world record

Honda Fuel Challenge

Honda has managed to set a new Guinness world record for fuel efficiency by averaging 100.31 mpg on an 8,387-mile drive across 24 EU countries.

Over the course of the 25-day journey the Honda Civic Tourer 1.6 i-DTEC consumed a total of £459 in diesel, with the family estate model averaging an incredible 932 miles between fill-ups. Under the strict rules set down by Guinness, only two drivers were allowed to take part in the journey.

Both drivers are part of Honda's R&D team. They set out from their start position in Aalst, Belgium on Monday June 1 and returned on June 25, having traveled the equivalent distance from their homes in the UK to Australia.

This meant each driver completing a grueling 380 miles per day. Driving speeds were in keeping with country restrictions and evidence of the distances being completed were constantly noted and signed by independent witnesses.

The car used was a completely standard road going model, as per Guinness's regulations, which meant everything from the fuel to the tyre pressures were just the same as you'd expect from an ordinary customer in real-world use.

The economy figures returned during the trip exceeded the Civic Tourer's official claimed figure of 74.3mpg by an impressive 25 per cent.

The official title given to Honda was 'Lowest Fuel Consumption – all 24 contiguous EU countries'. Incredibly, the team only had to stop for fuel nine times, each time brimming the tank to not give a weight advantage.

Honda Civic World Record Car

Honda Civic World Record Car

Author: Jack Evans