Get yourself a slice of Group C Le Mans history

Le Mans car for sale

An Aston Martin-powered 1984 EMKA Group C Le Mans car is now up for grabs in "ready to race" condition.

The machine, which has been subject to a recent "complete nut-and-bolt restoration", was once raced by Pink Floyd manager Steve O'Rourke and Fifth Gear presenter Tiff Needell. More than this, this very car led the 1985 24 Hours of Le Mans race before eventually coming home in 11th position.

Though it might have struggled to keep up with the turbocharged Porsches in the iconic race, missing a turbocharger itself, it proved itself as the fastest naturally aspirated car on the grid, maintaining first position for four laps.

This EMKA-Aston Martin C84/1 also signified the last time a machine powered by the British supercar maker has led Le Mans outright. The company selling the car claims it retains the title for being one of the fastest and most driveable turbo-free Group C machines ever. It needn't be the last time this specific car is driven in anger on track, however, as it is eligible for a wide range of historic race events, including the Silverstone Classic and Le Mans Legend.

This one-seat racer features an extremely pared back interior, with metal floors, a compact foam covered steering wheel and simple analogue dials.

With its striking Dow Corning livery, pristine interior and restored condition, we imagine that anyone looking to get their own piece of Le Mans history will have to dig very deep indeed to get their hands on this machine.

1984 EMKA Aston Martin Le Mans car for sale

1984 EMKA Aston Martin Le Mans car for sale