Video: First-hand Ferrari reactions

First-Hand Ferrari Reactions

Despite increasing sales making Ferraris a more common sight on the roads, catching a glimpse of Prancing Horse in the wild is still something of a special occasion, and can elicit a variety of reactions from onlookers.

One American Ferrari F430 owner decided to mount a camera to his Italian thoroughbred to record the behaviour of those he came across during a weekend of driving in the sunshine.

Unusually – as some Ferrari owners will no doubt attest – the reaction from passers-by is largely positive, with not one rude hand gesture or shouted expletive. Instead, people mostly wave him on or attempt to impress with their own (poor) car knowledge, which the unidentified driver takes in good humour.

So, if you're thinking about buying your own supercar, but fear it'll be a hate magnet, check out the video above – you're likely to be more popular than you think.