Fernando Alonso tells frustrated fans to 'turn off the TV'

Motor Racing - Formula One World Championship - 2015 Monaco Grand Prix - Race - Circuit de Monaco

With the McLaren Honda team floundering towards the very bottom of the Formula 1 standings, Spanish F1 driver Fernando Alonso has told frustrated fans to "turn off the TV until next year", after finally scoring his first point of the season at the Silverstone grand prix last week.

In a season dominated by Mercedes, the two-time F1 champion suggested that McLaren's form wouldn't improve until next year after an abysmal performance so far in 2015. The team's poor ranking sees it only sitting above Marussia in the championship standings, with a mere five championship points, immediately trailing Toro Rosso on 19 points while Mercedes tops the table with a tally of 371 points.

The two-time champ chalked up his first points after coming in 10th place at Silverstone, and ranks behind teammate Jenson Button, who has picked up four points. Alonso doesn't expect the season to get any better soon either, saying: "Whoever is bored, turn off the TV until next year, or at least until Japan or later because it is going to get worse than this," reports Autoweek.

Following the Silverstone race, however, Alonso clarified that he was not telling supporters to abandon him, but to recalibrate their expectations for the current season. The driver told Spanish news agency EFE: "The message was misunderstood.

"I did not mean to turn off the TV, I just meant that there will be other races like this but also worse ones, because the car will not change overnight."

He continued to say that the team is still determined to improve over the rest of the season, with the three-week gap between the Silverstone race and the next grand prix in Hungary – following the cancellation of the German grand prix – giving the team a chance to get closer to rivals.