Hydrogen powered Toyota breaks 300-mile mark in US tests

Toyota Mirai range

A hydrogen powered Toyota has taken part in official American tests and achieved an impressive range figure of 312 miles per tank – beating all of its electric rivals.

The Mirai's range equates to hydrogen consumption of 80.5mpg, with zero emissions. With a range of more than 310 miles, it beats any other zero-emissions electric vehicle on sale at the moment, though it lags behind the distance possible on one tank of fuel with many diesel and petrol powered cars.

The Mirai is also the world's first mass-produced hydrogen fuel cell vehicle – though you can now buy the Hyundai ix35 FuelCell in the UK – running on electricity generated by mixing hydrogen and oxygen. The only emission from this process is water vapour.

Sales of electric vehicles have increased rapidly within the last year, with over 11,000 electric or hybrid vehicles being sold within the first five months of 2015.

Despite the increases in the range of hydrogen vehicles, the infrastructure that they require is still in its infancy. With only a handful of stations based around London, owners of hydrogen vehicles will have to rely on these in the short term to top up their cars. However, many more stations are planned for installation throughout the country in the coming years, enabling drivers to travel further without risk of running out of hydrogen.

Following its launch in Japan and California this summer, the Mirai will be sold within the UK and selected European markets in limited numbers later on this year.

Author: Jack Evans