Video: Pedestrian walks over car at crossing

Pedestrian Walks Over Hood of Car Blocking Crosswalk

Unlike the constant war of attrition between drivers and cyclists, the relationship between motorists and pedestrians is normally much calmer, with much less chance for altercations.

However, when their paths cross – almost exclusively on pedestrian crossings – tempers can flare up, as has been shown on this latest dash cam footage, which captures the moment a pedestrian walks over the bonnet of a car that failed to stop in time for a crossing near Red Square, Moscow.

Anyone who's almost been flattened by a driver ignoring your right of way at a pedestrian crossing will likely sympathise with the man who, instead of breaking stride when confronted by the car, simply jumps on to it and carries on strolling along.

Clearly not happy with his actions, the car's driver confronts the pedestrian, and a tense standoff occurs, before the dash cam-equipped car drives away.

No word on how the situation ended, but we'd hope that the driver saw the error of his ways and held his hands up to his mistake, rather than the inevitable fisticuffs that so many Russian dash cam videos end up with.