One of a kind Lotec Mercedes supercar up for sale

Lotec Mercedes

When you think about the world's fastest cars, you'd perhaps envisage the Bugatti Veyron Supersport, or the cutting-edge Ferrari LaFerrari. However, there's one you might have overlooked: this one of a kind 268mph Lotec Mercedes C1000 which is being offered by US dealership RK Motors Charlotte.

Designed and built for an oil tycoon from the UAE in 1995, the car had one aim – to be the fastest production vehicle in the world. Neither time nor money was spared in the creation of the intricate supercar, which took five years and cost almost $3.5million (£2.24million)

The name C1000 denotes the fabrication and power of the car. C is for the carbon fibre body, which is lightweight and strong enough to withstand the stresses of covering over four miles every minute. 1,000 is in reference to the incredible 1,000 horsepower produced from the massive twin-turbocharged 5.6-litre Mercedes-Benz V8 which is mid-mounted behind the passenger seats. All that power is sent to the rear wheels through a five-speed manual gearbox.

With a stripped back carbon fibre cockpit, and a carbon chassis (including a fully integrated safety cell), the car weighs a minimal 1,080kg - not dissimilar to today's small city cars.

A full service record and instruction manuals are included in the sale, along with a signed letter from Lotec founder Kurt Lotterschmid to the original owner and two magazine features from 1994.

Completely road legal and with just 1,600 miles on the odometer, this is one of the rarest and most exclusive vehicles currently on sale. Unsurprisingly, you'll need deep pockets if you want to make it your own, as it's advertised at $700,000 (£467,570).

1995 Lotec Mercedes-Benz C1000

1995 Lotec Mercedes-Benz C1000

Author: Laura Thomson