Video: Is this the world's worst parking attempt?

Poor parking

CCTV footage has captured what could possibly be a candidate for the worst parking attempt ever.

Overlooking a street in Corbiehall, near Falkirk, Scotland, the camera records the moment a driver in a yellow Fiat hatchback spectacularly fails in their attempt to parallel park.

After first making the mistake of driving in nose first, the driver then suddenly reverses at speed, and not only hits the car behind, but also mounts the pavement and reverses into an adjacent building.

Despite only missing a pedestrian by moments, and leaving their car with substantial panel damage, the hapless motorist simply drives away as though nothing has happened, presumably to cause havoc parking elsewhere.

Police have appealed for any information that would help trace the driver, after they committed the offence of failing to stop at the scene of an accident. Check out their blundering below.