Traffic warden tickets car with dead man inside

parking tickets

Police in New York City have launched an investigation after a car was twice issued with parking tickets as the driver lay dead inside.

Mamadou Barry, 47, was found inside the black saloon car on Wednesday in Brooklyn, the New York Daily News reports.

Two tickets had been placed on his car: one tucked underneath the windscreen wiper and another inside the cabin, though the car appears to have not been ticketed on the day before Mr Barry's body was discovered, despite it being in contravention of parking restrictions that saw cars both in front and behind it receive tickets.

Authorities are now trying to establish whether traffic wardens simply skipped his vehicle, or noticed he was alive inside.

Mr Barry's nephew Mamdou Balde told the New York Daily News that his late uncle was a "good guy".

It is thought that Mr Barry died of natural causes. He was known to suffer from long-term health problems and took medication. An acquaintance explained to the newspaper that Mr Barry would often drive himself to the hospital when he began feeling unwell, prompting speculation that he passed away as he attempted to drive off.

This is not the first time traffic wardens have been caught out not paying attention to what they are ticketing. In January a Welsh traffic warden came under fire after he issued a penalty charge notice to a wheelie bin that had been placed on double yellow lines.