BMW M4 wrecked on first Nurburgring lap

Crashed BMW M4

For many car enthusiasts, a trip to Germany's Nurburgring racetrack is a must-do pilgrimage. A chance to test your mettle against the infamous circuit on a public driving day in your own car can be the perfect day out for any petrol head.

However, anyone who's been to the Ring will tell you that its narrow track and lack of speed-sapping gravel traps can lead to a lot more than bruised egos if things go wrong – as has been perfectly illustrated by the driver of the brand new BMW M4 in the video below.

Reportedly on his first ever lap, the driver carries too much speed into a corner, resulting in the back end swinging around. Unfortunately he's unable to correct in time and slams nose first into the barrier, resulting in substantial front-end damage.

Worse still, he had to continue with his lap of shame with his front bumper in tatters. Something tells us he didn't shell out for a second go round.