Sleeping driving instructor sacked

Sleeping driving instructor

A driving instructor who was photographed snoozing while supposedly teaching a learner driver, has been sacked.

The unidentified man was pictured having a snooze by 22-year-old Laura Martin, who pulled up next to the car in her father's van, in Norwich.

The instructor and his student were spotted in a 5Day vehicle, a company that the man works for as a self-employed driving instructor.

A 5day spokesperson said: "We cannot be 100% certain this particular instructor was working for us at the time the picture was taken. However, we expect high standards of tuition from all our contractors," the BBC reports.

"We found this behaviour unacceptable and the individual in question was immediately dismissed and will no longer receive any work from our company.

"We have many instructors working for us weekly around the UK and this is the first instance of this type of behaviour."

Distancing itself from the sleepy instructor, 5Day went on to explain that it contracted self-employed drivers who were also able to carry out their own private lessons.

Eyewitness, Ms Martin commented: "The instructor was asleep for the entire time [we were next to him]. The only thing that woke him up was my dad revving the van very loudly to see if that would wake him up.

"As for the pupil he was teaching, he looked extremely flustered."

Norfolk Police confirmed that they had received a complaint about the instructor from a member of the public, and stated that while there was no specific offence of being asleep while supervising a learner driver, the instructor could be held liable in the event of an accident or traffic offence.