World's fastest motorhome up for sale

World's fastest motorhome for sale

Motorhomes and sports cars may sit at opposite ends of the car spectrum, but that hasn't stopped one unhinged campervan owner from stuffing an oversized turbocharged motor under the bonnet of his dowdy Fiat camper. Best of all, it could now be yours, as it's been advertised on eBay.

Owner, Steve, spent the best part of 12 months converting the Fiat Doblo into a record breaking 150mph machine, with Wrexham-based Creation Campers shoehorning a turbocharged Fiat Coupe powerplant into the engine bay, before getting the spanners out to extract even more power.

With the original auction ending after 19 bids with a top bid of £2,850, the Doblo failed to meet its reserve, but judging on the advert, motorhome fans with a penchant for speed should be able to get their hands on it for around £10,000 if they get in touch with the seller.

Thanks to the 337bhp on tap from the tuned motor this Fiat has been clocked at 149.7mph when speed tested at Elvington airfield near York. Driving into the wind the average figure dropped to 141.3mph – setting a new Guinness world record in the process.

According to the owner, though, work to the camper didn't simply consist of "just an engine and a sleeping bag", with a kitchen with two hobs and a sink, a toilet and a bed area being crammed into the back of the van – along with 120 fibre optic lights in the roof lining. More than this: "Because each optical fibre is cut by hand at a slightly different depth, each star has its own intensity, so it looks like a real night sky."

Make up your own mind by taking a look at the gallery below.

World's fastest campervan up for sale

World's fastest campervan up for sale