Maserati breaks sales record at auction of quirky machines

Maserati 3500 GT Anglia Car Auctions

Anglia Car Auctions has broken its own sales record at its June Classic Car Sale after selling a 1962 Maserati for more than three times its high estimate. Raising a total of £117,600, the slightly tatty Maserati 3500 GT proved much more desirable than expected in the auction of 263 classics, which saw £1,955,860 of sales on Saturday June 13.

Imported to the UK in 1972, the 3500 GT was purchased by its second owner in 1986 when it was put into storage – with its brake pads removed and coolant drained – which explains its slightly neglected condition. With a five-speed gearbox and disc brakes this machine was very up to date when launched, but now needs restoration to return to its best, though the auction house noted that it rolls freely and the engine fires.

Also going under the hammer were a number of unusual machines including a Reliant Robin-esque Bond Bug three-wheeler, which sold for £6,142, a bizarre 1984 Gogomobil which raised £2,677 and a two-tone 1986 Suzuki SJ, which has been modified to resemble Mack from Pixar's animated movie Cars, and raised £3,675.

With bright orange paint and just 45,000 miles covered in its 42-year life, the Bond Bug looks much more fresh, with tidy leather seats and no sign of rust. The Gogomobil has covered even fewer miles and looks to be in good overall condition, with an engine rebuilt in the 1990s and only covering around 300 miles a year since.

The Suzuki on the other hand, has been meticulously modified to create a striking red and black cartoon-esque machine that is "idea for promotional purposes or impressing the grandchildren" according to the auction house.

Anglia Car Auctions June Classic Car Sale

Anglia Car Auctions June Classic Car Sale