Pizza left in a hot car cooks in just 30 minutes

Cooking pizza in a car

An Israeli chef has managed to cook a pizza in the back of a car in just 30 minutes using nothing but the power of the sun.

Chef Haim Cohen was not doing it to save money on his gas bills, though. He was in fact aiming to raise awareness of how dangerous it is for children to be left unattended in the back of a car on a hot day.

Working as part of a B'Terem campaign, Cohen's stunt showed parents the severity of the heat that builds up in an unventilated car in the sunshine.

Sadly, children being left in hot cars is something that occurs regularly around the world and in some cases, when a youngster is left for too long, can be fatal.

However, as highlighted by this video, even the shortest amount of time spent in a hot car can cause damage to a young children.

Author: Harry Boucher