One fifth of cars to talk to each other by 2019

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One in five cars will be connected globally by 2019 according to new figures from Juniper Research. Its research also predicts that smart cities, where drivers can be directed in the most efficient way, could be a reality by the end of the decade.

The research has shown that 20 per cent of all cars will be equipped with connected technology, which allows a central computer to pin-point its location or even allows cars to "talk" to one another.

In Juniper Research's publication, author Anthony Cox observed that the roll-out of connected car telematics initiatives will see rapid up-take over the next six years. This is expected be driven in part by governments' ambitions to increase efficiency and reduce traffic jams, which cost economies dearly every year, but initial growth in the sector will largely be driven by business user and fleet vehicles, however.

According to Cox: "Both India and China are expected to see rapid adoption of smart metering as new metering infrastructure is installed and smart cities are created," the Press Association reports.

These smart cities are able to direct drivers in a more efficient manner, helping them find parking spaces close to their destination. This aims to reduce pressure on car parks, lower traffic levels and also save drivers valuable time and fuel.

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