Jaguar Land Rover develops pothole detection system

Jaguar Land Rover Pothole Alert

The frustration and expense of damaging your car on a pothole could soon be a thing of the past, thanks to new technology from Jaguar Land Rover.

The Midlands-based manufacturer is working on a new development that it calls Pothole Alert, which uses an array of camera and wireless communication technology to not only detect potholes, but gauge their severity and share this data with other road users and local authorities.

The system, which is a joint collaboration between JLR and Coventry city council, is currently being trialled in a Range Rover Evoque, though could be offered across the brand's model ranges.

Both the Evoque and new Discovery Sport are available with optional 'Magneride' adaptive suspension, which uses sensors to determine the quality of the road surface and adjust the shock absorbers accordingly. Pothole Alert is a development of this technology, and will allow the car to prepare its suspension in advance of approaching manhole covers and road craters.

The system initially warns drivers to take avoiding action, then adjusts the suspension to mitigate potential damage. Location data for the pothole is then sent via a wireless internet connection to The Cloud, where it can be shared with other users.

Councillor Rachel Lancaster, cabinet member for public services at Coventry city council said: "As part of our 'Smart Cities' strategy, we will be investigating how Jaguar Land Rover's Pothole Alert system could supply us with data in real-time from thousands of connected cars right across our road network. This could give us a very accurate, minute-by-minute picture of damage to road surfaces, manholes and drains in real time."

Check out the technology in action in the video below.