Video: Film fan creates Mad Max replica car

Mad Max replica car

A movie buff has spent $125,000 (£80,800) creating his own version of the Mad Max Interceptor, which stars in the latest movie in the series – Mad Max: Fury Road.

Movie-loving petrolhead Dale Walter from Michigan, USA, commissioned specialists Mad Max Cars to transform his 1972 Australian Ford Falcon into the menacing Interceptor that stars in the film franchise, back in 2008. And after a number of years of hard work and a $125,000 injection of cash, the car was complete.

Walter first fell in love with the Interceptor more than three decades ago, when he saw the original film in a tiny cinema and said to a friend: "Someday I will own that car."

Mad Max replica car

Mad Max replica car

"When I first saw the car rebuilt I was absolutely stunned. It took them five years to do this but the wait was worth it.

"We spent over $12,000 on the engine alone which was hand built – so a lot went into that. I was super meticulous about how I wanted the car to be."

The 50-year old's Interceptor packs a powerful 450bhp motor, along with a police PA system, but could also do with an extra fuel tank, he admits: "I think it gets six miles to the gallon and you can tell in the second movie Max added those tanks because this thing sucks gas like its going out of style."

Take a look at the car for yourself in the video below.

Mad Max Fan Recreates Original Interceptor Car