Video: Teenager drifts Ferraris around field

18-year old does donuts in Ferraris

Growing up with loaded parents is tough. Not only is waiting to take over the family bank/mine/oil field frustrating, but not being able to take Daddy's car fleet out on the road must be a huge drag.

There is a solution, though: just take the cars out for a blast around Daddy's estate. We're not sure of the details surrounding this video, but one 18-year old manages to get himself behind the wheel of not only a super-valuable Ferrari F40 but also a similarly pricey Enzo.

With a large expanse of grass to play with, said 18-year old decides to take part in some gratuitous drifting, spinning the two Ferraris around, all perilously close to a large – and what looks like deep – lake.

We're also not sure what machine this lad drives every day, but with drifting skills like this, we assume it's not the first time he's been behind the wheel of something potent.

Watch for yourself in the video below.