Video: Super-competitive racers cause huge crash in GT4 race

GT4 European Series crash

Most racers must be pretty competitive to work their way up to a life spent in racing overalls, but one pair of drivers took things to the next level with their battle to the chequered flag at a GT4 European Series race over the weekend.

Drivers Rosen Daskalov and Jorg Viebahn had been jostling for fourth position in the GT4 race at Austria's Red Bull Ring, with neither willing to give up their position on the final corner. With the finish line in sight, the duo made contact, spinning them both off into the barriers.

Slamming into the tyres at speed, both cars were flung high into the sky, rolling over a number of times before finally coming to a rest in the middle of the track.

Following the smash both drivers were taken to hospital for check ups, the GT4 championship confirmed, though they managed to escape without injury, Car Throttle reports.