Toddler dies after being left in hot car all day

Incident scene

Tragedy struck for one US parent this week when their young child died after being left in the back of a hot car for an entire day.

Elementary school teacher Jamie Buckley pulled up for work at the Cedar Grove school in Panama City, Florida, at around 7.30am on Tuesday, and forgot her toddler was on the back seat.

She returned to the vehicle at around 3.15pm, by which time her daughter had died.

The Bay County sheriff's office has launched an investigation into the incident. In a statement, it said: "Investigators from the criminal investigations division and the crime scene unit were called to the scene.

"A preliminary investigation revealed the mother, Jamie Buckley, a teacher at Cedar Grove Elementary, arrived at school between 7 and 7.30 am and forgot the child in the car. When she went to her car to leave after school she found the child, Reagan Buckley, still in her car seat."

Currently no one has been charged in relation to the girl's death.

The temperature in Panama City on the day of the incident rose to 28 degrees celsius, which could have seen temperatures inside the car go up to as much as 55-60 degrees, according to a case study by the US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention.

Child deaths in cars have become something of an epidemic in the US, with 30 youngsters reported to have been killed in a similar manner in 2014, according to the Washington Post. This has led to a number of incidents of passers-by risking criminal charges by breaking windows to rescue stricken children.