Porsche plans back-to-basics 911

Porsche 911

Porsche is developing a new 911 GT model that will take a step back from the extreme performance of current range-topping models, Autocar reports.

Since the introduction of the first hardcore 911 GT3 in 1999, the model has developed as a hardened, track-biased version of the regular model, and is a showcase for the Stuttgart brand's latest go-faster technology.

The new GT car, however, will not focus on ultimate track performance, nor will it be designed to provide everyday practicality like the GTS model. Instead, its remit will simply be about driver pleasure and engagement.

In this regard, Porsche's engineers will focus on the feel, response and feedback the car provides. Crucially, it will be the first GT badged 911 to be available with a manual gearbox since the previous generation GT3 RS went out of production in 2011.

Currently details of the new model are thin on the ground, though Autocar reports that it has been conceived as Porsche recognises that making its flagship coupe as fast as possible and enjoyable to drive are now disparate objectives.

Amongst the expected changes over 911 GT3 models are a lack of aerodynamic addenda, skinnier tyres and a shift in focus from ultimate grip and performance, to a more engaging driving experience.

Expect the usual flat-six engine mounted over the rear axle – likely to be the naturally-aspirated 395bhp 3.8-litre unit from the current Carrera S.

The new model, which has not yet been named, is not likely to make an appearance until next year at the very earliest.

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