Angry bison has brilliant comic timing

Angry bison

They may look all cute and cuddly from the confines of your heated hatchback, but big wildlife is not to be trifled with, as this couple found out to their cost.

Traversing the vast wilderness of Yellowstone national park in the US, the pair happen across a herd of bison blocking their path, capturing it on their dash cam.

Attracting the attention of one of the huge beasts, the pair then watch in bemusement as one of the bison begins charging their car, as it takes exception to its presence.

Neither seemingly believe the animal will actually head-butt their car, until it gets uncomfortably close, prompting the driver to fruitlessly plead for it not to hit the car, as the hairy behemoth clatters into it with excellent timing.

Neither the bison nor the passengers in the car were injured in the collision. Check out the footage below.