Furious Land Rover driver verbally assaults cyclist

London road rage video

We've all seen our fair share of road rage, but this enraged Land Rover driver takes the red mist to the next level, with his head looking like it might burst at any moment.

Caught on camera by the cyclist he's having a dispute with, the angry leather-clad man is seen stepping from his off-roader at the start of the video before firing an abusive tirade at him and another rider.

The cyclists appear to have been riding along towards to Richmond Park in London, when the driver tried to overtake, reports the Richmond and Twickenham Times.

Central to the driver's fury appears to be the fact that the cyclists had chosen to ride on the road rather than use a marked cycle lane on the pavement.

Take a look at the video below to see just what happened – and be warned if you're easily offended; the video contains very strong language.