Lorry driver starts truck with muscle power alone

Lorry bump start

For most of us, being marooned on the driveway with a dead battery is fixed with a simple call to a friend with a set of jump leads, or if you're not that popular, your chosen roadside recovery service.

In India, however, where motoring is notoriously haphazard, drivers have to resort to slightly more inventive ways of keeping the wheels turning. In this video, a lorry driver is seen effectively bump-starting his enormous vehicle using just his own brawn.

For the uninitiated, bump-starts involve using momentum to turn over the engine – usually generated by getting a group of friends to push away at the back. With the vehicle in gear, this momentum needs to overcome the drag effect of the drivetrain on the engine to be successful.

Our intrepid HGV driver does without the need to push-start his lorry, though, by jacking up the driven wheels and simply spinning them instead. However, with the truck's gearbox to fight against, rotating the tyres is no doubt much more difficult he makes it look.

Check out his impressive feat below.