Video: Renault driver walks away from serious Nurburgring smash

Renault Megane Nurburgring crash

If there's one circuit that's notorious for catching out drivers, it has to be the Nurburgring in Germany. This fiendish track is narrow – with unyielding barriers flanking the Tarmac – bumpy, devilishly twisty and can offer several seasons' worth of weather on every lap.

While many drivers manage to negotiate the 'widow maker' without incident, this Renault driver wasn't so lucky, destroying his car in a crash on one of the circuit's countless turns.

Rapidly slamming into one of the barriers backwards, it looks like excess speed is to blame for this off, with the car being flung onto its roof, smashing in the top of the car, before it comes to a rest on its roof as smoke surrounds it and one of the wheels bounces over the barrier.

Despite the severity of the collision, the driver is reported to have walked away from this crash. See what happened for yourself, in the video below.

Hat tip to Car Throttle.