Corvette owner can't drive in a straight line

Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

American performance cars have traditionally been seen as one-trick ponies. Built for smoking starts and straight-line drag races, conventional wisdom dictates that they soon run out of ideas at the first hint of a corner.

Chevrolet's stunning new Corvette has bucked popular opinion somewhat, and is regarded as a viable (if somewhat brash) alternative to the best sports cars Europe has to offer. However, it seems its capabilities aren't enough to keep one owner out of trouble, even on an arrow-straight piece of road.

What we imagine was conceived as a video of a smoky burnout, with a wheel-spinning Corvette leaving fat '11s' on the Tarmac, turned out to be rather less impressive. Not only does the anonymous driver fail to inject any drama into his take-off, he somehow manages to lose control under acceleration, and promptly bins his pride and joy into a tree. Some people really shouldn't be allowed to have nice things.

Click play below to watch this epic fail in action (warning: colourful language at the very end).