Jaguar to support Bloodhound world record attempt

Jaguar F Type

Jaguar has announced that it is to support the Bloodhound SSC World Land Speed Record attempt with the new all-wheel-drive version of its F-Type R Coupe.

With a 542bhp supercharged 5.0-litre V8 under the bonnet, as well as four-wheel drive for improved traction on the desert sand, the F-Type R is perfectly placed to assist the Bloodhound team, as they attempt to crack the 1,000mph barrier.

Its bespoke livery has been created by Jaguar Design and features the Bloodhound SSC's blue and orange colour scheme, including painted wheels and brake calipers.

As technical partner to the Bloodhound project, Jaguar has been extensively involved in the car's development. It even uses the F-Type's V8 engine to power the huge fuel pump needed to keep its rocket motor burning.

The F-Type also played a critical role in a test of the rocket car's communication systems last year. The coupe was driven at top speed towards a jet flying in the opposite direction at 500 knots, just 20 feet above the ground. The closing speed of around 700mph enabled the team to test radio systems in similar conditions expected during the record attempt.

The Jaguar F-Type R Bloodhound support vehicle will make its public debut at the Coventry Motofest on May 30. The event, which celebrates the city's long automotive history, will see the range-topping Jaguar in a number of high-speed demonstrations on closed-off sections of the inner ring road.

It will be joined by a number of classic models from Jaguar's heritage fleet, including a 1956 D-type Long Nose and the Le Mans winning 1988 XJR-9.