'Scubaru' WRX takes to the water

Amphibious Subaru Impreza

Amphibious vehicles are a dream shared by young children and ardent petrol heads alike. However, there have been few that have captured the world's imagination - or even stayed afloat long enough to be noticed.

However, a group of New Zealanders reckon they've cracked it with the world's first 'Scubaru', as it has been dubbed. This Subaru Impreza WRX model - normally seen on rally stages (and, if we're honest, tearing up your local McDonald's car park) has been given a seaworthy set of fairings, which allow it to effortlessly move from motorway to slipway. No word on whether it's road legal, however.

The car/boat/piece-of-awesome was created for the 2015 edition of the army bay small boats fishing competition. Stuff.co.nz reports that it was one of a number of homemade vehicles involved in the competition, which were later brought into shore by the coastguard, and the sailors issued with a police warning.

If it sounds like your cup of tea, the Scubaru is currently listed on New Zealand auction site Trademe. The current going price is $620, although bids are quickly increasing.

With less than 1000km on the clock and complete with beer holders (naturally), fishing rods and painted skulls, this is the ultimate over-grown child's accessory. Check it out in the video below.

Author: Laura Thomson