Prindiville makes Mercedes G-Class even more menacing

Prindiville Indomitable G

The Mercedes G-Class off-roader is known for its sharp corners and boxy profile. However, if the standard issue car just isn't masculine enough for you, there is always the option of the new Prindiville 'Indomitable G' upgrade - a mash up of military-grade carbon fibre and a leather-lined interior, which not only alters the looks, but also the performance of this German-built SUV.

Whilst it takes a hefty enough salary to afford the standard G63 AMG, weighing in at £129,745, the Indomitable G is very much the reserve of millionaires, with a completed version costing from £250,000.

The bodykit sees numerous bits of bodywork replaced with 30 pieces of handcrafted lightweight carbon fibre, including the bonnet, front and rear bumpers, front grille, headlight surrounds,spare wheel cover, rubbing strips, door mirrors and induction vents.

The G-Class may be anything but a lightweight racer, but the new carbon fibre kit weighs less than the original components, contributing to the Indomitable G's improved performance, with oversized wheels – stuffed with six-spoke Prindiville alloy wheels – and uprated brake discs and calipers helping to keep the car on the road.

As for power, the V8 engine receives has been remapped and Prindiville has added a new sports exhaust, which together offer up an extra 50bhp. Reassuringly, the gearbox has been suitably beefed up.

The cabin in the completed Indomitable G is filled with high quality leather and Alcantara, though buyers are able to choose from a wide range of materials to customise it to their tastes.

The Prindiville kit is designed exclusively for the G63 AMG, with a limited number available from £250,000.

Prindiville Indomitable G

Prindiville Indomitable G