Student recreates Fast & Furious trailer for school project

Fast & Furious Lego video

Hastily made sugar paper presentation or a cinematic masterpiece?

While most of us would take the easy way out and choose the former for a school project, one American student went above and beyond in order to pass his senior year project and remade the Fast & Furious 7 trailer. Using Lego.

That's right, those tricky pieces of plastic that can double as instruments of torture to bare feet. When Kevin Capodice, a senior at Eastern Illinois University in America decided to explore stop motion animation for his final project, he didn't do it by halves.

Complete with parachuting cars, chases and dramatic rescues, the finished piece is actually remarkable accurate – right down to the mouths of the Lego characters moving in sync with the dramatic voices.

The video is fast becoming a hit, having already amassed many thousands of views on Kevin's YouTube page – 317 Designs.

Watch for yourself in the video below.

Author: Laura Thomson