Video: IndyCar driver walks away from terrifying crash

Helio Castroneves IndyCar crash

IndyCar drivers have it easy. Rather than having to negotiate a series of corners like F1 drivers – who have to deal with both left and right turns – most of the tracks simply consist of an oval.

You'd think IndyCar racers simply sit back and watch the scenery blur past as they take the track's gentle curves. Brazilian IndyCar Series racer, Helio Castroneves, may not agree though, after he lost control of his machine on one of the few bends at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway this week, spinning him around and slamming him into the trackside barrier.

Evidently, the aerodynamics of his IndyCar don't work quite as well with the car careering along backwards, as the back of Castroneves' car was thrown violently into the air, with the machine landing upside down on the Tarmac, before rolling back onto its tyres. Impressively, the driver walked away from the crash without serious injuries.

Take a look at the dramatic crash in the video below and think again next time anyone says nothing interesting ever happens in IndyCar racing.