"Most Disgusting Peugeot In The World" to be given away

Filthy Peugeot 307 to be given away

Students aren't famed for looking after their cars, but Ella Williamson's gold Peugeot 307 really takes the biscuit.

The 20-year-old's mould-encrusted, spider web-tangled, French hatchback takes filthiness to new levels, with a raft of mysterious stains splattered across both the exterior and interior of the car, which she abandoned before heading off to study at Brighton University back in autumn.

So fed up was step father James Baggott with seeing this discarded machine slowly rotting away in the car park in Gosport, Hampshire, that he decided to give it away as a competition prize on motoring website SuperUnleaded.com, to teach his step daughter a lesson for letting it become so foul.

Describing the machine as a "stinking petri dish of McDonald's infested filth", Baggott has decided to offer it to someone who likes the SuperUnleaded Facebook page, passing up the chance to donate it to science for research purposes, "because we're pretty sure some of the mould could be weaponised".

On the positive side, the 307 boasts "magical changing colour paintwork", "a stereo that works", three hubcabs and a recently changed battery. It may even have an MOT until November.

If you fancy taking ownership of this battle scarred, poisonous Peugeot, head over to SuperUnleaded.com for more details.

Judging from some of the pictures, we'd recommend that you heed Mr Baggott's advice and get yourself a Hazmat suit, should you be the lucky "winner" of this battered banger.

Take a closer look at the 307 in the gallery below.

World's Filthiest Peugeot

World's Filthiest Peugeot