Video: Proof that rallying may not be as easy as it looks

Beligan rally fails

If you've seen endless videos of top-tier rally drivers flying across gravel, snow, ice and tarmac without so much as clipping a flower, it's easy to think that rallying isn't too challenging.

Should you want a demonstration of just how tricky it is to wind some overpowered machine along a narrow track at speed, though – all without hitting walls, trees, fans or simply sliding off the course – then just take a look at footage from this Belgian rally.

Admittedly, we doubt that the competitors are as experienced as the Sebastien Loebs and Kris Meekes of the world, who fight it out in the WRC, but they still manage to make a spectacular hash of things.

Our favourite mishap has to be the particularly hamfooted driver who managed to get his car jammed under a bridge (fast forward to 3:40), having to call on a group of fans to help free his car.

Watch for yourself in the video below.

Hat tip to Car Throttle.