Super-rare Mercedes CLK DTM AMG for sale

Mercedes CLK AMG DTM

When it comes to high-performance Mercedes models, A, M and G are the three letters to look for. However, this AMG-tweaked CLK convertible has another important three letters in its name: DTM.

While AMG is staffed by Mercedes' most power-crazed spanner-wielders, DTM signifies Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters – Germany's touring car championship. Add the two names together and you have a recipe for one hell of a sports car.

In the case of this 2007 CLK DTM AMG convertible – up for grabs in Saudi Arabia with just 9,400km on the clock – this is the drop-top version of the CLK built to celebrate the German car company's involvement in the DTM. And what better way to celebrate than tuning the CLK's already well-endowed supercharged 5.4-litre V8 motor to produce a ludicrous 582bhp?

Despite being hampered by a five-speed automatic gearbox, this power was sufficient to launch this four-seater bullet to 62mph in just 4.0 seconds, with the muscle transferred to the Tarmac through whopping 20-inch, 285mm-wide rear tyres. As for the top speed, that's limited to 186mph - fast enough, we think.

Just to signal its intent, DTM spec also added bulging wheel arches and lightweight carbon fibre doors, wings, bonnet and spoiler. Handily it also added uprated suspension to keep the CLK on the road, along with more meaty brakes.

Just in case you need any more persuasion, this was, according to Mercedes, the fastest drop-top four-seater in the world, writes Top Gear. With the price tag standing at just under £200,000 when new and just 100 built, we'd imagine that if you have to ask the price (it's advertised with a "Price on Request" logo), you definitely can't afford it...

If you can afford it, though, head over to the Saudi dealer now.

Super-rare Mercedes CLK DTM AMG for sale

Super-rare Mercedes CLK DTM AMG for sale