"TR15TAN" under hammer at DVLA private number plate auction

DVLA registrations

The latest batch of personalised number plates is going under the hammer at the second three-day DVLA auction this year, which starts today in Derbyshire. Following a successful Derbyshire sale last year, the agency is hoping to beat the £3.4 million raised at this similar event last year.

Plates up for grabs include TR15TAN and KR15HNA, which have £700 reserves, along with a number of others that nearly spell popular names, including CR15TAL (£700 reserve), AB11DUL (£400 reserve), DAZ 247 (£300 reserve) and BLA 12R (£300 reserve).

Held in the Casa Hotel in Chesterfield, a total of 1,600 registration will be on sale with reserve values starting from £250, including ART 805S (£250 reserve), BA12NET (£700 reserve) and several four-digit plates which are expected to sell for more than £2,000.

These include the hellish 666 W (£2,500 reserve), 888 O (£2,500 reserve) which may prove popular with Chinese buyers as 8 is associated with prosperity in Chinese culture, 458 S (£2,500 reserve), which could end up on a Ferrari 458 and 123 N (£2,500 reserve).

Buyers after a four-digit plate but without that amount of money to send may also be interested in XJS 7 (£400 reserve), which we'd expect to end up on a Jaguar XJS, while Matrix fans might want to get their hands on NEO 2 (£1,200 reserve). USH 4 and 7 ROW, meanwhile, both have reserves of £1,200.

Other plates expected to whip up plenty of interest include 911 LAD (£1,200 reserve), 20 DAD (£1,200), SH14RPE (£700 reserve), MA11ARD (£700 reserve) and DO13SON (£700 reserve).