Wrecked Jaguar XJ220 on sale for £146,000

jaguar XJ220

Exotic supercars may be associated with eye-watering running costs and inconvenience (ever tried taking one through a width restrictor?) but there's one major positive to owning a rare performance machine: they can hold their value exceptionally well.

This totaled Jaguar XJ220 is a case in point, being advertised on German classifieds site Mobile.de for an astonishing €199,980 (£146,471) despite showing major crash damage.

The car's listing offers no clue as to how such extensive carnage was inflicted on its aluminium bodywork, though with almost every panel bearing scars bar the roof, it would appear the car was spun before colliding several times with something very hard indeed...

So why the bonkers asking price? Rarity for one – only 275 examples rolled off Jaguar's production line between 1992 and 1994. Its performance is another factor. Despite being fitted with a 3.5-litre turbocharged V6 over the originally mooted V12 engine, the XJ220 was briefly the world's fastest production car with a top speed of 213mph. It also held the lap record at the Nurburgring between 1992 and 2000, with a time of 7:46.36.

Most important of all, however, is the fact that the XJ220 was a complete change of direction for Jaguar – its racecar engineering and world beating performance were a complete contrast to the opulent GT cars and roadsters for which the manufacturer was famed.

With pristine examples commanding prices some three times higher than this trashed model, this could prove to be a wise investment for someone with the time and cash available to commit to a full restoration. Interested? Check out the listing here.

Wrecked Jaguar XJ220

Wrecked Jaguar XJ220