Peugeot reveals its Vision Gran Turismo

Peugeot Vision Gran Turismo

Racing games have gone from being something played by teenage boys in their bedrooms, to a huge business where big car companies unveil their latest and greatest creations.

And the newest machine to be unveiled onscreen is Peugeot's Vision Gran Turismo – a ridiculously powerful lightweight machine that can rocket from a standstill ton 62mph in a mere 1.73 seconds.

Appearing in the sixth instalment of the Gran Turismo racing simulator on the PlayStation 3, Peugeot's virtual hypercar boasts a whopping total of 875bhp - and just 875kg to ferry around - and has been designed by the motorsport boffins at Peugeot Sport.

The new digital concept car was created by Peugeot at the request of Gran Turismo chief Kazunori Yamauchi, who invited car makers to come up with unique machines to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the immensely popular game franchise.

With its turbocharged 3.2-litre V6 motor, four-wheel drive system and featherweight frame, this is one concept we hope Peugeot has the bravery to build. Standing just 104cm tall, this sleek Vision Gran Turismo features oversized 22-inch alloy wheels up front and 23-inch rims for the rear wheels, with suitably large Brembo carbon brake discs to contain the enormous power on tap.

While we may not be able to test Peugeot's creation on Tarmac, gamers will be able to push this monster to its absolute limits and beyond on 40 tracks with 107 layouts, with the car downloadable as part of a free update for the game.

Take a look at this sharply styled machine in the gallery below.

Peugeot Vision Gran Turismo

Peugeot Vision Gran Turismo