Video: Lunatic BMW driver pulls off a donut on busy junction

BMW donut video

You can't blame owners of powerful cars for wanting to test their machines a little. However, we don't advise that drift-hungry BMW drivers follow the example of this motorist in the video below.

Rather than finding a deserted stretch of Tarmac to slither their car around to their heart's content, this owner thought it was a good idea to vaporise their rear tyres on a packed crossroad – all while surrounded by cars, buses, bikes and even a wheelchair-bound pedestrian.

After forcing their way into the middle of the junction, the driver boots the throttle, causing smoke to billow off the rear tyres, with the sound of burning rubber filling the street. Thankfully the other drivers quickly clock on to what this driver is up to, staying back to avoid being sideswiped by the donut-pulling BMW.

Watch the action in the video below. And remember, kids don't try this at home. We imagine that UK police don't take kindly to this kind of hooliganism...