The evolution of car logos explained

Mercedes production in Sindelfingen

The manufacturer badges that you stare at each morning on the boot lid of the car in front mean different things to different people. For some they are a measure of social status – the coveted Bentley winged 'B', or Mercedes' star emblem marking them out as a driver of means and good taste. For others they are merely decoration – or something to steal, depending on your outlook...

But have you ever wondered what the logo on your car actually means? The folks over at Car Dealer Reviews have and they've come up with a handy guide to the history and evolution of the most popular car manufacturer's emblems.

Whatever you drive, its manufacturer logo will have had a long and varied history. So if you've ever wondered what the four rings of Audi signify, or why Aston Martins have wings, read on below.

Car logo infographic