Bugatti driver backs into LaFerrari

Bugatti v Ferrari

Posing in supercars can be great fun (or so we're told...) but with everyone's eyes on you, things can get embarrassing pretty quickly if you're not paying attention.

A Bugatti driver in France found this out to his expense recently, when he backed into a LaFerrari outside the posh Four Seasons Hotel George V in Paris.

The gaudy yet ultra-rare Veyron L'or Blanc had usurped the car of the moment to the coveted parking spot outside the hotel's doors – the Bugatti is a French supercar after all – and was being manoeuvred out of the spot with guidance from hotel staff.

Seemingly there is a bit of confusion, and the Bugatti driver carelessly backs into the nose of the million-pound Ferrari with a wince-inducing crunch.

Worse still, the Bugatti driver doesn't even stop to check if he's damaged the Ferrari, and instead does his best to blend into the Paris traffic, or as best as you can in a porcelain-decorated hypercar.

Check out the video of the incident below.