Scientific formula identifies A591 as Britain's best driving road


The A591 between Kendal and Keswick in the Lake District has been named as the best road in Britain, after a quantum physicist devised a scientific formula to determine the most appealing route for drivers.

Conducting the study for car rental firm Avis, Dr Mark Hadley, of Warwick University, calculated that the best ratio for a great driving road was 10 seconds spent on a straight for every second spent negotiating a corner – something which he claims allows drivers to make best use of their cars acceleration, braking and handling.

"There are four key phases of a drive, bends, acceleration, cruising and braking," said Dr Hadley.

"A great driving road strikes just the right balance between the phases so you get the exhilaration of speed and acceleration, while corners test your driving capabilities and long stretches allow you to enjoy the scenery."

Dubbed the 'Avis Driving Ratio' (ADR), the formula was applied to driving routes around the world, with the 30-mile stretch of the A591 being crowned as Britain's best, with the N-222 in Portugal being named as best in the world.

However, as keen drivers will be quick to point out, such roads are often subject to heavy traffic in the summer months, which can potentially ruin a great drive – something that isn't taken into account in the ADR formula.

Second on the list of the UK's best roads is the B3515 from Cheddar to Ashwick, which runs through the Cheddar Gorge.

Mark Servodidio, boss of Avis UK, said: "Like so many fellow motoring enthusiasts, we've been debating which is the world's best driving road probably since the day we were founded in 1946," The Mirror reports.

"Through our ratio we finally have a definitive answer. We're looking forward to hearing whether people agree, or if there are other drives they think should have been considered."

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