Jeremy Clarkson to return to the BBC

AFP/Getty Images

Former Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson will make a return to the BBC, the controller of BBC Two has said.

Kim Shillinglaw has said that the presenter had not been banned from the BBC, following BBC director general Tony Hall's decision not to renew Clarkson's contract following his suspension in March.

"It's serious and unfortunate what happened but there is no ban on Jeremy being on the BBC," she commented.

"It's a big deal what happened and Jeremy, as any human being would, needs some time."

Clarkson was suspended from the BBC, and the future of Top Gear put in doubt, following a now infamous 'fracas' with producer Oisin Tymon over catering arrangements.

Clarkson has since written in his Sunday Times column that he was under immense stress in the days leading up to the incident due to a cancer scare.

It is unlikely that Clarkson will return to front Top Gear, and Shillinglaw has said that it was an "open book" as to who his replacement might be, the BBC reports.

She also confirmed that Top Gear footage, which was withdrawn from schedules in the wake of Clarkson's suspension, would be aired later this year, though there is not enough footage to piece together the three remaining episodes of the series in their entirety.

"No way would I want the available material not to be seen by viewers," she said.