Tyre maker Falken creates zany remote control drifting video

Falken drifting video

If there's one thing you'd think that tyre makers would want to stress about their products, it's how much grip they offer.

Falken, however, has taken a different approach, by creating a video that shows just how little grip a pack of Fast & Furious-style remote control cars have – by sliding four of them around a tight track - kitted out with Falken drift tyres, of course.

These are no ordinary remote control cars, though. These highly-modified 1:10 scale machines boast flashing LED lights, a full complement of stickers – and a cleverly scaled environment that makes it look like these RC cars are full-size cars racing around a real arena - in a nod to Falken's own drift team.

The sound effects are pretty convincing too – as is the smoke that pours of the tyres of these hard-driven miniature machines. As for the rapid donuts at the end of the video – impressive stuff. Time to dig out your remote control cars from the loft...

Watch these radio control cars in all their glory in the video below.