German tuner StarTech unveils hideous Range Rover pickup

StarTech Range Rover Pickup

Making a Range Rover more vulgar than it already is, is quite a challenge. However, tuning company StarTech has more than risen to the occasion with its lava orange Range Rover pickup ugly-fest, a machine that is set to darken the doors of the Shanghai motor show next week.

The standard Range Rover is no affordable everyman vehicle, but StarTech has seen fit to add lashings of carbon fibre and aluminium – and gargantuan 23-inch alloy wheels – to make its pickup model stand out from the Chelsea Tractor crowd.

Focusing on the U in SUV for this much more utilitarian – though extremely pricey, no doubt – vehicle, StarTech has added a plastic pickup bed that can handle loads of up to 110cm long once you've lowered the electric tailgate.

Of the 100 or so bespoke components added, StarTech has beefed up the exterior, interior and the car's power output with a custom exhaust bumping up the Range Rover's horsepower count to a substantial 519bhp from its 5.0-litre supercharged V8 motor. Flatten the throttle and this leviathan can rocket to 62mph in a scant 5.3 seconds and keep going to a limited top speed of 155mph.

Helping this Tango-ed tank to handle that power on the road are 80mm wider flanks to contain the oversized tyres and new suspension that can be dropped by 30mm. Those who are happy to pay a vast amount of money for a modified Range Rover pickup but are concerned by the spectre of fuel economy, however, will be pleased to hear that they can specify a StarTech pickup with any of Range Rover's other motors.

StarTech Range Rover Pickup

StarTech Range Rover Pickup