Video: Dozy cop slams into two cars at traffic lights

Police crash video

You'd expect the police to be better than most when it comes to driving standards. However, this dozy police officer in Australia crashed into the back of two cars after failing to notice that the vehicles ahead were slowing down for red traffic lights.

This footage, which appears to have been filmed in the state of New South Wales in eastern Australia, shows a police van following two cars as they approach a set of traffic lights. As the lights start to change, the lead car slams on the anchors, coming to a stop as the car alongside sails through the amber light.

Evidently surprised by the first car's decision to stop abruptly, the second car safely manages to stop in time. This was all in vain, however, as the police van – despite leaving plenty of space behind the car in front – fails to stop, careering into the car ahead, slamming it into the first car.

Thankfully for the innocent drivers involved, an adjacent vehicle catches the smash on its dash cam. Watch the footage for yourself in the video below.