1020bhp Ultima Evolution guns for Bugatti Veyron

Ultima Evolution
Ultima Sports Ltd

Sports car manufacturers are embroiled in something of an automotive arms race, with companies from Bugatti to Hennessey trying to outdo each other in the power and speed stakes.

The latest carmaker to throw its hat into the ring is Ultima – a British company that has been producing its Can Am and GT-R models for more than 15 years, and is now upping the ante with its new Evolution range, which should be able to outstrip the mighty Bugatti Veyron to 100mph.

Available in both self-build kit and ready-made forms, buyers can choose from a raft of rapid versions – with 15 states of tune on offer – including everything from a 350bhp 'entry-level' version to a weapons-grade 1,020bhp range-topper.

Opt for the ludicrously powerful 6.8-litre supercharged V8 model with more than 1,000bhp on tap and you can expect to blast past 60mph in 2.3 seconds, 100mph in 4.9 seconds and on to 150mph in a gut-wrenching 8.9 seconds – partly thanks to the Evolution's supermini-rivaling 950kg weight.

Launch the Ultima from a standstill to 100mph and back again and it'll take you a mere 8.8 seconds – about a second faster than the Veyron, even though the Evolution does without four-wheel drive and sticks to an old-school manual gearbox. Where the Evolution can't outgun the Veyron, however, is when it comes to top speed, with it topping out a mere 240mph. We can't imagine many occasions when this won't be enough, though...

Despite its racy looks, the Evolution isn't just a stripped-out racer. Sat nav, Bluetooth, a heated windscreen and a reversing camera are now all on the options list for increased liveability, while LED lights give it a more modern look.

And the price for such speed? A 350bhp model could be yours for just over £38,000 if you're happy to build it yourself (£65,995 if you ask Ultima to build it for you). Go for the 1,020bhp model and you'll still get change from £96,000 – impressive for the level of performance on offer.

Ultima Evolution

Ultima Evolution