Car crash leads to marriage for London woman

Insurance-crossed lovers

A woman has fallen in love with and plans to marry the man who drove into the back of her car, while she was waiting for her husband to return from the bank.

42-year-old Londoner Ranette Afonso had been married to her husband for 20 years when she met Marko Conte, 30, the Nissan Skyline driver who subjected her to a rear-end shunt.

Afonso told the Mail Online: "I was waiting for my husband, who had popped into the bank, when I noticed a sporty Nissan Skyline trying to squeeze into a tiny space behind me.

"I felt a massive thud and I knew a car had crashed into me - I was fuming. When Marko stepped out I was angry with him for being so careless. The car is his pride and joy so we spent a few minutes arguing with each other about who was to blame."

But Afonso admitted that she had felt something from their first incident.

She continued: "At the same time, I found him really attractive and as we swapped insurance and contact details - I could somehow tell the feeling was mutual," as reported by the Mail Online.

"As I drove back home with my husband beside me I couldn't get Marko out of my mind. Five days after the incident I sent him an email asking how is bumper was and, before I knew it, we were texting each other regularly."

Two days later Afonso decided to make a break from her marriage and texted her news to Conte. He invited her to stay with him while she made other arrangements, which he later said was "one of the best weekends" of his life.

He said: "There was so much passion between us - I knew we had a connection. We're both passionate people."

The couple moved in together in October 2013 and two months later Afonso's divorce was finalised. The pair will be married in October of this year.